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About Olivier

Olivier is a French photographer based in Vietnam since 2017.


         Back in the days, he first discovered photography in Africa while working for an international company. Years rolling, Olivier strengthened his skills and finally quit his job in 2018 to live his passion for photography.


His on going project is a tribute to people dedicating their lives to love of the land called “Farmers are Heroes”.


Olivier mostly uses a bird eye view perspective with minimalist and geometrical content in order to draw attention on interaction between humans with their land. 

Vibrants colors are also a key component of his work, as much as the human stories behind each and every photograph captured with anonymous but passionate workers. 


His recent work was published by National Geographic Magazine, Nat Geo travel, Geo Magazine, or The Times, and he won the 2018 edition of the 35 Awards International photo contest.


Apart from his photo project, Olivier dedicate time to collaborate with local NGOs such as “Poussières de Vies” supporting children scholarship in Vietnam. 

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